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A King is Coming

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Releases April 7, 2017

What if I told you there is a reason for the increased terrorism, anti-Semitism, and anti-God climate? What if there was a connection between these events and cultural changes? How do we shift through all the political correctness polluting our world and stand up for what is biblically correct?

Through all the haze, where is the hope? How do we worship through these perilous times? All the signs point to one truth…

A King is coming!

A King Is Coming

Having traversed the world for forty years and leading worship in over seventy-five nations, Paul Wilbur brings a unique perspective on how the world is changing and why it increasingly disregards and abhors biblical teachings. Come discover:

  • The war over our minds and over Israel
  • How to navigate in an anti-Semitic and anti-Christian world
  • Replacement theology and its destructive path
  • How to worship in the midst of crisis
  • Key strategies for living a fruitful and victorious life & more


  • What on earth is going on?” is a question concerned people ask. “What is God up to?” is a question concerned religious people ask. “What ought I to be about in this earth?” is a question the best of us ask—and here Paul Wilbur does just that. I am pleased to commend Paul Wilbur’s timely answers to these questions. A King is Coming will definitely get you going—and in the right direction.

    Professor Jeffrey Seif
    Professor Jeffrey Seif
  • In this stirring book, world-renowned worship leader Paul Wilbur gives an eye-opening and inspirational charge to the people of God: Look at the Scriptures; look at the increasingly chaotic state of the world; look at the outpouring of the Spirit in the nations, while much of the Church of America slumbers in compromise; look at the rising tide of hatred of Jews and Christians around the globe; look at how God continues to unfold His promises to Israel—and then lift up your eyes, and look to the King in adoration and expectation. He is coming soon!

    Dr. Michael L. Brown
    Dr. Michael L. Brown Host, the Line of Fire radio broadcast | Author of Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus
  • Paul and I have walked as close friends for over 35 years. The message of “A King is Coming” is not just words on a page, but something that he lives out as a "man after God's heart." The urgent message of this book is a wake-up call for a slumbering church. It needs to be trumpeted to all the nations, in order to prepare and unify the Bride to stand on Biblical truth concerning Israel and the coming of our King.

    Asher Intrater
    Asher Intrater Revive Israel
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