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1.   It Is Good
2.   Come Let Us Go Up
3.   He Shall Reign
4.   Day Of The Lord
5.   Clap Your Hands/I Will Talk To My Brother Medley
6.   Awake O Zion
7.   How I Praise You
8.   Blessed Is The Man
9.  Resting Place
10. You Are There
11. Comfort Ye My People
12. Adonai El Shaddai

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    admin (verified owner)

    Paul…I’m speechless! Awesome, great! What a fine job on all the songs. Truly a work of art. I’m sure the generation that never heard us will be impacted by the anointing that remains on the music the Lord gave us in those days. Awake O Zion reminded me a little of Billy Joel’s song ‘Just the way you are’ (the drum part) and the Reggae version of Day of the Lord is brilliant. Wow…please let me know how I can get a box.

    Blessings always, Marc.

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    admin (verified owner)

    I will be the first to admit I was dubious and skeptical, after the warning not to expect the songs to sound like they used to! I think that is because I am very conservative, and protective — that is if I sense the anointing on a song and fall in love with it, I generally don’t like it altered. But…I found it a unique, uplifting, toe-tapping, and touching collection of songs glorirfying the LORD and bought 5 more to give away to friends!


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    admin (verified owner)

    I am so thankful for his ministry for the past 30 years of my life. His music, his teaching, and his obedience to Abba through Yeshua have truly kept my family and encouraged our obedience (and blessings) in all things. We received our partner copy of the new CD today AND the other 7 copies we ordered to give to friends. I also bought one after First Friday from the Loft so we could listen to it on the 9 hour drive home…it is amazing. So many of my favorite “old” songs reworked! It made our drive short, enjoyable and full of praises!! How I Praise You has been my song of deliverance since I first heard it when I was 18 years old. It brought me through many dark places.

    ~ Renee

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    admin (verified owner)

    I got this and have been listening over and over. Very anointed music.


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    admin (verified owner)

    I love this album!! Wonderful songs from my early worship of the Lord Most High!! I love the new arrangements.

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    admin (verified owner)

    Hallelujah… Love your music & songs… It changes the way I worship Lord God Almighty and bring me closer to Him.


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    admin (verified owner)

    AMEN! I love to praise the Lord and sing!


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    admin (verified owner)

    l Paul I live this cd. I listen to it couple times a day. Thank you for another great cd. I’m still listening to your last one every day too.

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    admin (verified owner)

    Great album, a touch of reggae too… it !

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    admin (verified owner)

    Love the new arrangements!

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    admin (verified owner)

    I have 9 of Paul’s latest CD’s, Revive, being an extra treat. I was not familiar with Israel’s Hope, but have Lamb cassette tapes and CD’s, some of which are well over 30 years old. (These I play sparingly, don’t want to break them!!!) The music has always had a special place in my heart. And now, for the past several years, enjoying Paul Wilbur and team.

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    John Robinett (verified owner)

    This is a “breathe of fresh air!” I love the new take on some classics, and the over all flow of the album! I have been a fan for a long long time, and I am grateful for this new release!!! Adonai El Shaddai brings me back to some great late 80s rock!!!

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    admin (verified owner)

    Touching the Heart of God: Embracing the Calendar of the Kingdom by Paul Wilbur is one of the spiritual books that will awaken readers to the consciousness of God’s kingdom and His will for humanity. In this book, the preacher and musician Paul Wilbur leads readers to discover God in the celebration of the different feasts through which God opens His heart, communicating His love and grace. The message of this book is centered on the idea that celebrating the feasts of God with devotion and openness of spirit leads worshipers into the very heart of God where He so generously communicates His secrets.

    Touching the Heart of God: Embracing the Calendar of the Kingdom by Paul Wilbur is written in a style that is accessible, a language that is gentle and beautiful, like the author’s music. Drawing from the authority of the Bible, Wilbur establishes the importance of celebrating God through the different seasons of God’s calendar, expounding on themes such as oneness with God, humility, the laws of God, the mercy and benevolence of God, God’s purpose for humankind, man’s ultimate freedom, and a lot, lot more.

    Touching the Heart of God: Embracing the Calendar of the Kingdom is a powerful invitation to enter into a life of grace and ultimate union with God. It will be one of the important tools for a spiritual revival in a world where God is swiftly replaced by science and technology. Paul Wilbur writes with authority and conviction, offering a message that is as universal as it is timeless. His writing will forever allow readers to feel the heartbeat of God.
    Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

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    Wow Mr Paul Wilbur!
    Seriously I’m blown away by this album. I’m fairly new to your music but have listened you top album after album. When you said you were – refreshing the wine skins- I kinda though this might be like pt 2 to a greatest hits album. (zzzz)
    Honestly these songs are so blessed and Holy Spirit annointed that they sound like totally new and fresh songs!
    Paul’s bassy voice is even more dynamic and exciting than ever! Nice arrangements and mix of refredhing beats and songs! Every song is awesome and Holy Spirit Filled! This album is definitely a must have for anyone who likes music. Phenominal! Keep on rocking in The Ruach-Ha-Kodesh Mr. Paul Wilbur!

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    Ana Denny

    Love his music very spiritual and conecte to God absolutely love it
    Thank you for keep music so amazing God bless you

  16. Avatar

    Fátima Oliveira

    Sem palavras… Ouvi uma música por um acaso e comecei a pesquisar por outras. Hoje são as músicas que mais ouço. Simplesmente maravilhosas.

  17. Avatar

    Fátima Oliveira

    senhor Paul Wilbur suas canções são maravilhosas,percebemos a Presença de Deus em cada melodia e letra. São minhas músicas preferidas, que não me canso de ouvir. Deus continue o abençoando.

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