Worshipping in the Face of Uncertainty


I heard of Paul’s ministry while watching a YouTube video. The music touched me…

I just can’t put it into words what I experienced the first time I heard it. I had been praying to Yeshua to guide me to Holy and Reverent worship music. I went directly to iTunes, bought two albums then put them on my iPod and they have been playing 24 hrs around the clock.

The amazing thing is my family members have refused to ever be near me if I am listening to worship music but now they are sitting with me watching your dads videos on YouTube! My cousin said she could listen to it all the time.

There is something about it that is blessing my family and opening their eyes/hearts toward Jesus!

Today my daughter’s workplace had a shooting.

My daughter was in an open area where the shooter had killed four people. I believe an angel was the one who grabbed my daughter and started running. She texted me immediately because she was hiding she couldn’t call. Though I was obviously upset with what was happening I knew I had to get into a place of praising Jeshua.

I started singing Adonai and this peace like no other just enveloped me and I knew He had her…

He was keeping her safe.

So please if it’s not too much trouble thank Paul for me. On a day I would be struggling knowing what my daughter went through I was able to just stay in a place of praise…

…with music that is not superficial but reverent to the GREAT I AM!


Peace & Blessings,


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