Blessing The Nations

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Dear Friends,

I’m writing to you today very excited about where we have come in publishing my new book,”Touching the Heart of God”. It was #1 in two categories at Amazon and with all of the excitement the international community is now starting to ask for it in their own language. This is where I really need your help right now. If you are willing to support the call for my book to be translated in Dutch, French and others, I would like to send you a signed copy as a thank you.

You can find out more details and see my campaign at the Bridge to Zion website (



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  • Sylvia Hall

    Shalom brother Paul,

    I am following you now for a while. I do certainly enjoy your songs of worship. I am certain about your book “Touching The Heart Of God” . I wondered if you got anyone around you who might translate it into German my native language. If you have not you always can ask me to do so!

    God Bless you and yours and all around you.

    Praise Adonai.

    In His Name,


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