Waking Up to God Opportunities


Have you experienced times of being overwhelmed with the various pulls on your life?

Maybe all the juggling of priorities, tasks, and responsibilities becomes so intense that you feel you are going to drop something important.

You rise early, and the demands of the day immediately start calling your name. And they don’t stop, even when you crash at night, falling onto your pillow.

Well, news flash: You are not alone!

We’re all tired—mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually.

Tomorrow is likely to be a repeat of today.

Soon you feel as though you are walking around in some type of fog, unable to distinguish one moment from the next.

In today’s modern society, where technology speaks to you every moment…

  • from your computer
  • cell phone
  • and now even from your “smart” watch

You are being asked to do more with less time or resources.

Multi-taskers have become the new superheroes, and those of us without this sought-after, super-gifting fall in the wake of the progress of others.

Both opportunities and challenges mount up, while reminders regarding your core priorities and values scream at you to pay up.

Then it seems like more “good opportunities” keep you from completing your top priorities, while more voices call for your attention…

No, they demand your attention!

You didn’t plan to be caught up in this state of settle-for-sub normalcy, but here you are.

It seems that the priorities you said were important doesn’t seem to make it to the top of your list to receive your full attention.

You start the downward trend of not moving forward in your walk with Jesus. If frustration doesn’t set in, then a numbing slumber starts to blanket your life.

In order to break through this lifestyle of mediocrity, you have to wake up to the honest truth of where you are and where you are not.

An accountant would call this awakening an audit; a teacher or doctor would run tests and give you an assessment of where change is needed.

So where are you today?

Your Lord has a proven way for you to move from where you are to where your life can be the most fulfilling and have the greatest impact.

I’m praying for the illumination of Jehovah Jireh, God our provider, to fall on you today!


All the insights you’ve been reading so far have been an excerpt from my latest book – A King is Coming.

Our amazing God gives insights into how we can move forward, straight from the life of His Messiah Yeshua.

His heart is to help us during these seasons of life.

See what insights the Lord has for you in A King is Coming, by getting your copy on Wilbur Ministries or on Amazon.


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